The Dunedin Study - DMHDRU

Concept Papers 2023

Author Year Concept paper title PDF
AUGUST, RAVEN  2023 Who Australasians trusted during the COVID-19 pandemic pdf
BARRETT-YOUNG, Ashleigh 2023 Performance of pTau181 in a middle-aged birth cohort: Associations with cognitive decline, brain structural integrity, and accelerated ageing. pdf
BARRETT-YOUNG, REUBEN 2023 Retinal-based biomarkers and midlife ADRD risk pdf
BOURASSA, Kyle 2023 Examining the association of PTSD with DNA methylation CpG sites pdf
BRENNAN, REUBEN 2023 Neighborhood disadvantage and midlife diseases of despair pdf
HAMPTON, LEDGERWOOD 2023 Peroxiredoxins as markers of redox homeostasis in human blood cells: application to a large population study pdf
KING-HUDSON, LEDGERWOOD, HAMPTON 2023 Association between mitochondrial dysfunction, oxidative stress and accelerated biological ageing in midlife pdf
REUBEN, Aaron 2023 Neighborhood Aggregation of Dementia Diagnoses and Midlife Dementia Risk pdf
TURNBULL, Rose E. 2023 A Legacy of Lead: the significance of house age on soil and childhood blood lead concentrations pdf
WHITMAN, Ethan T. 2023 Associations of chronological age and pace of biological aging with individualized features of brain function pdf