The Dunedin Study - DMHDRU

Concept Papers 2018

Author Year Concept paper title PDF
AUDEAU, Melissa 2018 Dysmenorrhea from Menarche to Age 18 in the DMHDS cohort: prevalence and pattern of severity  
BALDWIN, Jesse 2018 Testing the clinical utility of screening for adverse childhood experiences for the prediction of health outcomes pdf
BARNES, JC 2018 A Developmental Model of Perceptions of Punishment Risk: Results from The Dunedin Study, Birth to Age 38 pdf
BELSKY, Daniel 2018 Development and evaluation of a polygenic score for non-cognitive skills pdf
CARLISI, Christina 2018 Assessing the Developmental Taxonomy: functional neural correlates of life-course persistent vs. adolescence-limited antisocial behaviour in a longitudinal birth cohort pdf
CASPI, Avshalom & MOFFITT, Terrie 2018 The ebb and flow of psychiatric disorders across the life pdf
COOKE, Megan 2018 The effect of lifetime alcohol trajectories on reward-related processing in the ventral striatum and related circuitry pdf
d’ARBELOFF, Tracy 2018 Retinal Vessel Caliber Predicts Prevalence of White Matter Abnormalities in Middle Aged Adults pdf
dARBELOFF, Tracy & ELLIOTT, Maxwell 2018 White Matter Lesions in Middle Age Are Associated with Diverse Measures of Intelligence pdf
ELLIOTT, Max 2018

Optimizing Measurement of Intrinsic Connectivity for Individual Differences Neuroscience: Rest, Task or Both?

FARBER, Madeline 2018 Adult neural outcomes of adverse childhood events, both retrospectively and prospectively pdf
HALBERSTADT, Jamin et al 2018

The interpersonal origins of unbelief

HANCOX, Bob 2018 HDL cholesterol and changes in lung function pdf
McGEE, Rob 2018 Is alcohol use a barrier for quitting among young NZ tobacco smokers? pdf
McNALLY, Helena 2018 Wantedness and perceptions of parent and child relationships pdf
McNALLY, Helena 2018

The association between positive youth development and positive parenting environments.

MEREDITH-JONES, Kim 2018 Is repeated childhood fracture is related to poor bone or body composition in middle age? pdf
MOFFITT, Terrie 2018 SSGAC polygenic score validation pdf
MORELLI, Emma 2018 Is parity associated with periodontal disease and other oral conditions? A longitudinal study. pdf
OLIVER, Simon 2018 Are occlusal characteristics during adolescence associated with risk for temporomandibular joint clicking and incisor relationship instability thirty years later? pdf
RAMACHANDRAN, Nishan 2018 Cardiovascular risk factors and retinal vessel calibre. What is the longitudinal relationship? pdf
RASMUSSEN, Line 2018 Rethinking gait: Gait speed in the first five decades of life pdf
RICHMOND-RAKERD, Leah 2018 A polygenic score for age of first birth predicts self-regulation more broadly: results from two longitudinal cohort studies pdf
RICHMOND-RAKERD, Leah 2018 Low childhood self-control predicts accelerated aging and reduced preparedness for later life pdf
RICHMOND-RAKERD, Leah 2018 High-need/high-cost users of public health and social services in 2 million New Zealanders pdf
ROMER, Adrienne 2018 Relationship between schizophrenia polygenic risk (as expressed through placental biology) and general psychopathology pdf
ROMER, Adrienne 2018 Replication and extension of brain structural and genetic correlates of the p factor in a representative birth cohort pdf
REUBEN, Aaron 2018 Implications of childhood lead exposure for adult cardiovascular disease pdf
REUBEN, Aaron 2018 Childhood lead exposure and adult psychopathology and personality pdf
SIMON, Corey 2018 The Influence of Pace of Aging on Pain Impact: Analysis of a Birth Cohort of Adults Approaching Middle Age pdf