The Dunedin Study - DMHDRU

Concept Papers 2019

Author Year Concept paper title PDF
BARNES, JC & TANKSLEY, Peter 2019 Aging out: Criminal careers and biological aging pdf
BENN, Angela 2019 The microbiota of distinct oral habitats in a birth cohort of 32-year-olds pdf
BENN, Angela 2019 Is the microbial balance of oral biofilms associated with risk for ongoing dental caries pdf
BLACKBEARD, Raymond & NEILL, Alister 2019 Obstructive sleep apnoea and adverse outcomes pdf
BOURASSA, Kyle 2019 Romantic relationships and pace of aging pdf
BOURASSA, Kyle 2019 Cardiovascular Reactivity pdf
BOURASSA, Kyle & RASMUSSEN, Line 2019 Stressful Life events and inflammation in midlife pdf
CAGE, Ryan 2019 The cost of meeting unmet need for dental care in New Zealand pdf
CHEUNG, Carol & WONG, Tien 2019 A Deep Learning System for Automated Measurement of Retinal Vessel Caliber from Fundus Photographs to Quantify Cardiovascular Risk pdf
CRAIG, Jennifer 2019 Prevalence of Dry Eye pdf
d’ARBELOFF, Tracy 2019 Cardiovascular Fitness and the Middle Brain pdf
DANESE, Andrea 2019 The Genetics of Childhood Victimisation pdf
DOWSETT, Joseph 2019 Genetic markers of the inflammatory biomarker Soluble Urokinase Plasminogen Activator Receptor (suPAR) in a population of healthy blood. pdf
ELLIOTT, Maxwel, HOUTS, Renate, CASPI, Avshalom, MOFFITT, Terrie 2019 Individual differences in accelerated pace of biological aging: science and policy implications pdf
GEHRED, Maria 2019 ACES and Brain pdf
GORIELY, Alain 2019 Brain Measures and Cognition pdf
HANCOX, Bob 2019 Associations between lung function and retinal vascular health pdf
HANCOX, Bob 2019 Sexual assault and breathing disorders pdf
HAPPÉ, Francesca 2019 Is physical health and the pace of ageing, worse for adults with high autistic traits? Physical health and ageing correlates of the AQ-10 at 45 years in the Dunedin Study. pdf
KNODT, Annchen 2019 Test-retest reliability of task-evoked BOLD fMRI in two samples: implications for individual differences neuroscience pdf
LEPPERT, Beate & RIGLIN, Lucy 2019 The natural history of neurodevelopmental disorders from childhood to adult life pdf
LIU, Hexuan & BARNES, JC 2019 Criminal Justice Contact, Mental Health, and Genetics pdf
MATTHEWS, Tim & RASMUSSEN, Line 2019 Social Isolation, loneliness and inflammation pdf
MEREDITH-JONES, Kim 2019 Abdominal visceral fat reference values associated with increased risk of cardiometabolic disease pdf
NICHOLS, Grace 2019 Appearance of dentition pdf
NICHOLS, Grace 2019 Do malocclusion and orthodontic treatment affect self-perceived attractiveness, oral health-related quality of life and life satisfaction in the long-term? pdf
RASMUSSEN, Line 2019 suPAR and aging pdf
RONALD, Angelica 2019 How does autism relate to general psychopathology ‘p’ factor? An exploration of autistic traits and p in the Dunedin longitudinal cohort. pdf
RUEBEN, Aaron & ELLIOTT, Maxwell 2019 Childhood lead exposure and adult brain aging pdf
SUGDEN, Karen 2019 Assessing the scale and impact of differential reliability of DNA methylation levels measured using Illumina BeadChips pdf
WERTZ, Jasmin 2019 Multi-cohort analysis of genetic associations with parental investment across a child’s life pdf
WERTZ, Jasmin 2019 Little p and Aging pdf
WILSON, Graham 2019 Characterisation of and correlation of systemic vasculopathy with Quantitative Parameters of The Foveal Avascular Zone using Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography in a cohort. pdf
WILSON, Graham 2019 Drusen & Aging pdf
ZHANG, Tony 2019 Sarcopenia and lung function decline – Do breathing difficulties lead to muscle weakness? pdf