The Dunedin Study - DMHDRU

Concept Papers 2022

Author Year Concept paper title PDF
BOURASSA, Kyle  2022 Association of accelerated aging with stress, stressful life events, and PTSD pdf
BRENNAN, Grace 2022 Diseases of despair in midlife: The role of early-life psychopathology and intervening factors pdf
BRENNAN, Grace 2022 The role of personality in the link between early-life adversity and adult stressful life events pdf
GUINEY, Hayley 2022 The developmental origins of social cohesion pdf
MANI, Ramakrishnan 2022 Childhood maltreatment predicts musculoskeletal pain experience in middle age. pdf
WHITMAN, Ethan T.            2022 Does a common functional brain network explain why people with high cognitive ability also have better motor function and auditory processing? pdf