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News & Events - 2020

Seven reasons why Kiwis can cope with Covid Professor Richie Poulton, has co-authored a Social Wellbeing Agency report which looks at why anxiety and fear have been a natural response to Covid-19, and cites seven reasons why New Zealanders might in a better position than they think to get through » Evidence to inform voters in the 2020 cannabis referendum A leading international authority on cannabis use and abuse recently noted that New Zealand was blessed with two of the world’s richest sources of information about the natural history of cannabis use » PUBLIC LECTURE: Cannabis use and the NZ referendum 2020 A panel discussion on cannabis use and the NZ referendum 2020: Evidence from the Dunedin and Christchurch longitudinal studies » Salvation or stigma? Case made for targeted social intervention Radio New Zealands Kathryn Ryan spoke to professor Richie Poulton, the director of the Dunedin Longitudinal Study about New Zealands'  'hospital revolving-door problem', the concentration of crime, and long-term welfare dependence in a relatively small cluster of New Zealanders »