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News & Events - 2016

Childhood disadvantage strongly predicts costly adult life-course outcomes A small segment of the population accounts for a disproportionate share of costly service use across a society’s health care, criminal justice, and social welfare systems – and paediatric tests of brain health can identify these adults as young as age three, new findings out of the University of Otago’s Dunedin Multidisciplinary Study suggest » Study suggests NZ children’s family lives often complex and fluid Conventional notions of family life that underpin New Zealand’s social policies do not match the reality of many young New Zealanders’ lives, new Dunedin Study research suggests » TV and Radio Interviews Ahead of the Study documentary series going to air on TV One on the 31st of May, Richie Poulton was invited to do media interviews » World TV Networks queue for "Spellbinding" Study Documentary The scientific community has long-regarded the University of Otago’s ground-breaking Dunedin Study as an invaluable research tool, but it will receive unprecedented levels of public attention when a television documentary on its findings reaches global audiences later this year »