The Dunedin Study - DMHDRU

Concept Papers 2020

Author Year Concept paper title PDF
BENNY, Shen 2020 The role of occlusal features in predicting tooth wear: a prospective cohort study pdf
BOURASSA, Kyle 2020 Stressful life events, personality, and health from childhood to midlife pdf
CARLISI, Christina  2020 Assessing the Developmental Taxonomy: Structural and functional neural correlates of life-course persistent vs. adolescence-limited antisocial behaviour in a longitudinal birth cohort pdf
D’ARBELOFF,Tracy 2020

Exercising your way to a youthful brain: Is cardiovascular fitness associated with brainAGE?

D’ARBELOFF,Tracy 2020 Is microstructural integrity of whole-brain white matter tracts associated with midlife fitness? pdf
GEHRED, Maria  2020

Associations between Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and microstructural integrity of white matter in midlife

ELLIOTT, Maxwell & RASMUSSEN, Line 2020 Chronic inflammation and brain morphology in midlife pdf
GUINEY, Hayley 2020 Lifecourse consequences of childhood sexual abuse: A multi-method, multi-domain five-decade longitudinal study pdf
GUINEY, Hayley 2020 Kidney function trajectories from young adulthood to midlife: Findings from a five-decade longitudinal study pdf
HANCOX, Bob 2020 Cannabis and Lung Function pdf
HUA ShinTan 2020 Cannabis and small airways function pdf
KNODT, Annchen  2020 Persistent cannabis use and midlife brain integrity pdf
LETCHER, Primrose 2020 Parental history of wellbeing/positive development and child behaviour in next generation offspring: A two-cohort prospective intergenerational study pdf
LEUNG, Joan 2020 Childhood hearing and life course health and environmental influences on hearing in mid-life pdf
MCNALLY, Helena 2020 Well-being in adolescence and social support in parenting pdf
MARRA, Jamie  2020 third Molar outcomes to age 45 in the Dunedin Study pdf
MATTHEWS, Tim 2020 Identifying a cut-off score for clinically-meaningful loneliness on the 3-item UCLA Loneliness Scale pdf
MEIER, madeline  2020 Cannabis and Cognition  pdf
MORRIS, Meriwether  2020 Test-Retest Reliability of Common and Innovative Approaches to Network Neuroscience pdf
MOTZ, Ryan  2020 Do childhood environments offset early risks for antisocial behavior? pdf
OUWENS, Klaasjan G. 2020 A trans-omic investigation of convergent evidence for biological pathways associated with adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Symptoms pdf
RUEBEN, Aaron  2020 Childhood Lead  Exposure and telomere erosion pdf
RUIZ CONRADS, Begoña 2020 Oral health in childhood as an early marker for general health in adulthood pdf
RYAN, Motz 2020 Do Childhood environments offset early risks for antisocial behaviour? pdf
SCHOFIELD, Matthew 2020 A spatial & temporal model of dental caries occurrence pdf
SLUTSKE, Wendy  2020 Gambling and adverse outcomes in midlife pdf
TIELBEEK, Jorim 2020 Tackling the genetic etiology of antisocial behavior through genome-wide association meta-analysis and polygenic risk scoring. pdf
VLIETSTRA, Lara 2020 Pro-dromal markers of low appendicular lean muscle mass in a middle-aged birth cohort pdf
VLIETSTRA, Lara 2020 Development and validation of a screening tool for middle-aged adults to predict the risk of 
WIKI TE OI, Angel 2020 Childhood TV viewing and adult addictive behaviours pdf