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Parenting Study

The Parenting Study started back in 1994 and over 700 Dunedin Study members have participated in this study with their pre-schooler. The Study concluded in 2018 as a result of funding shortages, however by far the majority of Dunedin Study Members had completed their families by that stage and nearly all had participated in the Parenting Study.

Below is an outline of the objectives of the Study and what is involved for participants.

The Parenting Study focused on you (the Dunedin Study member) and your first three-year-old child. We aimed to learn about how parents and their young children get along with each other. This involved looking at relationships between parents and their children and asking parents about their experiences of parenting. This study involved any Dunedin Study member who was parenting a young child - either biological or otherwise. Study members were seen on this project with only one of their children, usually the eldest.

When your child was about to turn three a Parenting Study researcher invited you to participate in the study. If you agreed they visited you and your three year-old at your home. This included an interview about parenting and about your child, a questionnaire and an opportunity for you both to play with a whole large selection of toys the researcher brought along. The play sequence was videotaped and a copy made for you if you'd wanted one.

If you have any questions, or would like to know more about the Parenting Study, please contact Judith Sligo by email .

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