The Dunedin Study - DMHDRU

My Parent is a Dunedin Study Member

The Next Generation Study data collection has now ended due to the COVID-19 pandemic causing significant delays, in addition to lack of funding. 

Because of limited funding, we are not seeing as many young people as we have in the past. This means you may not hear from us immediately after turning 15. If we are able to get in touch, a researcher from the study will contact your Study Member parent first. If they are happy for us to contact you, we will send you some information and give you a phone call to talk about the Next Generation Study

If you decide to take part, you will come in to the research unit for the length of a school day - we can give you a letter to take to your school to explain your absence. One of your parents will come in with you and take part in their own shorter interview.

During the day, you will take part in a range of different types of assessment. These include interviews with one of our interviewers, computer-administered questionnaires, health assessments (including blood pressure, lung function, height and weight), a brief (painless!) dental check, a fitness test on a bike, and some other tasks. The information sheet we will send you gives more detailed information about all these assessments. The day is very similar to what your mum or dad went through when they were 15. However, times have changed, so some of the issues we talk about will have changed, and some of the tests will be different because of new technology.

During the day, there will be some downtime, and there is a space available for you to relax where food and drinks will be available. At the end of the day (about 3pm), we will ask you to tell us what you thought of the day and offer you $40 for your participation in the study.

Your assessments are entirely confidential - we won't share what you say with anyone, and that includes family members.

If you have any questions, or would like to know more about the Next Generation Study, please contact the Manager, Helena McAnally, by email or phone 03 479 5553.