The Dunedin Study - DMHDRU

Phase 45 Team

Front Row (left to right): Antony Ambler (Data Manager)  Michelle McCann (Admin Assistant)  Sandhya Ramrakha (Research Manager)  Jenny McArthur (PA to Director/Administration and Communications Officer)  Richie Poulton (Director)  Terrie Moffitt (Associate Director)  Jen Knox (Study Member Assessment Coordinator)  Moana Theodore (Co-Investigator)  Sean Hogan (Cohort and Assessment Manager)  David Ireland (Research Technician)

Carmen Brensell (Medical Radiation Technologist)  Jacinta Taylor (Finance Administrator)  Bob Hancox (Co-Investigator)  David Baxter (Co-Investigator)  Jonathan Broadbent (Dental Investigator)  Graham Wilson (Co-Investigator)  Avshalom Caspi (Co-Investigator)  Nikki Lloyd (Research Interviewer)  Fiona Parker (Research Interviewer)  Vanessa Hayes (Research Technician)  Denise Ching (Research Interviewer)  Jennie Connor (Co-Investigator)  Barbara Steptoe (Research Technician)  

Tim Morgan (Research Technician)  Liz Goodin (Biorepository Manager)  Meric Hoffman (Technician)  Richard Hamelink (Technician)  Paul O'Donnell (IT Support)  Denise McWhinnie (Phlebotomist)  Marie Morgan (Phlebotomist)  Cheun Lin Hong (Dentist)  Liz Ledgerwood (Biochemistry)  Melissa Purnell (Research Interviewer)  Ramakrishnan Mani (Co-Investigator)  Kim Meredith-Jones (Co-Investigator)  Debra Waters (Co-Investigator) Rachael McLean (Co-Investigator)  Kirsten Robertson (Co-Investigator)  Lisa Te Morenga (Co-Investigator) Kohu Douglas (Administration Assistant)

Jason Campbell (Technician)  Devonia Kruimer (Assistant Research Fellow)  Lindsay Robertson (Senior Technician)  Liz Haig (Medical Radiation Technologist)  James Fulton (Radiologist)  Jeremy Anderson (Senior Technical Officer)  Nic Arnold (Medical Radiation Technologist)  Adam Ware (Lab Technician)  Hanne Friedrick Stegan (Research Technician)  Barbara Howell (Phlebotomist)  Jason Connolly (Research Interviewer)  Liz Berry (Research Technician)  Kirsten Cheyne (Research Technician)  Elena Bayly-McCredie (Research Technician)  Charmaine Strickland (Research Interviewer)  Kate Sneddon (Research Technician)  Danielle O'Brien (Research Interviewer)  Lynda Morrison (Research Technician)  Ros Sydney (Assessment Trainer)  Russell Phillips (Technical Officer)