The Dunedin Study - DMHDRU

Ms Marissa George

Ms Marissa George

Cohort Tracer

I started working at the study as a casual administration assistant back in 2013, this was for six months. Then again in 2015 I was employed again to help pack down the Barningham building and relocate the Study to the temporary site. I have just started my third contract at The Dunedin Study in the exciting position of Cohort Tracer. I am tracing all Study Members, which I am finding both a challenge and a sense of satisfaction.

I live on the outskirts of Dunedin in a fabulous community called Waitati. This is a village of vegetable growers and sustainable living, which I am very keen on. I live with my family who keep me busy with their various activities and lifestyles of their own.

On a social level my partner and I cook Hangi at festivals, where we have been known to cook for 500 people. We have a crew who help us of course and are always willing to teach those who are keen. I balance myself out by heading either to the ocean or into the bush with my dog, and I love to go dancing with my friends. This keeps me grounded from the busy pace that life sometimes takes.